4 Things Your Auto Mechanic Isn’t Telling You

Automotive mechanic repairing car

4 Things Auto Mechanics Are Unlikely to Share About Car Repair

We have been involved in the auto repair business in Virginia Beach for several decades now. Over the years, we have worked on thousands of cars, both domestic and imported. We have always prided ourselves on our professionalism and customer-centric approach. But not all car mechanics are created equal. Here are some things most auto repair servicepeople won’t tell you:

1. Excess clutter can get in the way:

If possible, clear out clutter from the back seat and trunk before bringing your car in for repair. The technician may have to remove or access a part to perform a repair, and not having “junk” everywhere makes things a bit easier.

2. We’ll return old vehicle parts upon request:

While replacing a vehicle component, always ask the mechanic to return the old part. If you suspect that the mechanic has advised unnecessary repair, you could always hire an independent mechanic to check the old part and make sure that the replacement was necessary. Since old parts are recycled, you may have to pay a ‘core charge’ to retain the component. You can always return the part later after your complaint is resolved.

3. Foreign car repairs aren’t more expensive:

Contrary to what most auto repair servicemen in Virginia Beach would like you to believe, servicing foreign cars isn’t expensive. With that being said, some manufacturers do require more frequent upkeep on foreign cars, which can lead to more money being spent on routine maintenance for your vehicle.

At Davis Car Care, we offer affordable and reputable vehicle maintenance services that will keep your car running at peak performance, including oil change, transmission, a/c system, and fluid exchange.

4. Your mechanic needs space to work his magic:

It’s completely understandable that you are worried about your vehicle; once you’ve given the mechanic time to make a diagnosis, he or she should be able to explain the problem clearly.  

At Davis Car Care, we want you to relax – enjoy free WiFi, television, and refreshments in our clean, comfortable waiting room – while our ASE certified technicians focus on making an accurate diagnosis of the problem. Once we have a diagnosis, our friendly, experienced service writers will be happy to explain the problem and discuss solutions with you. 

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