5 Tips for a Greener Car

environmentally friendly car driving on interstate

No matter what car you own or how long you've been driving it, you can make your car environmentally friendly. Here are a few tips that will assist in helping your car improve gas mileage and save money. 

Car Maintenance

A regularly maintained car will increase its own efficiency and reduce emissions, optimizing its performance.  Periodic checks on fuel consumption, air filters and spark plugs; the timely replacement of faulty or damaged parts; and checking the onboard computer system can help you prevent problems. Make sure you’re updated on emission control norms. Many Virginia Beach auto repair shops provide top quality tune-ups, maintenance and repairs to assist. 

Fuel Economy

Driving smart will help you minimize unnecessary fuel consumption. Consolidate your errands in a single trip, and avoid aggressive driving. An idle engine also produces emissions. So, if you're just waiting in the car, make sure to turn off the engine - unless it is cold outside. The engine warms up fairly quickly on a sunny day, so try not to leave it idling.  

Vehicle Load

Extra items in the car's trunk like sporting gear, groceries, packs of bottled water, etc., can lower your vehicle's fuel economy, as they weigh down your car and cause an increase in gas usage. Clearing out your car frequently will help you save gas and will make an impact on the environment by preventing excessive CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Pressure Checks

Monthly checks on the tires are a must. Driving a car with low tire pressure can increase resistance, which in turn causes the engine to work harder to move the vehicle. A properly inflated tire can mean 3% better fuel economy. Seasonal temperature changes can affect your tire pressure. It is always advisable to check your tire pressure before embarking on a long trip. 

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