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Davis Car Care and Tire Center first opened its doors back in 2009 by Kyle Davis. In 2009, the entrepreneur in Kyle was awakened. He was only 27 years young and was recently married with two young daughters. He had been working as a technician for the previous 7 years, and was looking for a change. He had worked at several shops and he observed how important customer service was in the auto industry. He knew that he could run a more successful business than his bosses and wanted to give his community quality auto repair paired with excellent customer service, qualities that he felt shops in the area were lacking.

Kyle took a chance and signed his first lease in September of 2009, starting his journey as a business owner. When the shop first opened, the staff consisted of just Kyle and an old friend. He was a new dad and was taking a chance on a new business during an economic recession, which was no easy task. He had no plan B and put everything he had into the business, so he was determined to make it work. He had the drive to push forward and knew that through hard work and good relationships with customers that they could create a niche in the industry.

November 14, 2009 was the grand opening of Davis Car Care and Tire Center, and the day was met with an outpouring of support from the Davis’ church. The blessings of its leadership have been a constant reminder for Kyle to stay true to his roots. Our shop has grown from a small start-up to a full service automotive repair shop with multiple locations throughout Virginia Beach. We have a reputation for providing honest, fair, and unbiased service to our customers, which is why we remain a leader for excellent automotive care in the community.

Meet Our Management Team

Virginia Beach Car Experts - Davis Car Care and Tire Center

Kyle Davis


Virginia Beach Car Experts - Davis Car Care and Tire Center

Joanne Jantti

General Manager

Virginia Beach Car Experts - Davis Car Care and Tire Center

Chris Langdon

Production Manager


We strive to give our Virginia Beach customers the best experience possible. That's why with every visit to Davis we check your air pressure, reset your maintenance light, top off your washer fluid, vacuum the front of the vehicle, and place a bag of candy in your car to sweeten the ride home.

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