Autumn Car Maintenance Tips

blue vehicle parked outside during autumn weather

Four Car Maintenance Tips for Fall

Autumn is finally here, so now is the right time to get ready for the changing seasons. Just as you prepare your home for the changes in temperature, remember to get a few routine car maintenance tasks done before it is too late.

1. Check fluid levels:

It is important to check the car’s fluid levels, including engine oil, antifreeze, and brake fluids. Windshield washer fluids will have to be replaced with solvents that are suited for the cold weather. The engine’s coolant recovery reservoir should be checked to ensure that they are not below the minimum mark. The brake reservoir should also be checked to make sure that there’s enough brake fluid. It is not unusual for the fluids to go down a bit, but if the loss is significant, perhaps, you should check for leaks or other problems in the braking system. Bring your vehicle to Davis Car Care, and we’ll provide brake fluid exchange.

2. Check wiper blades:

Check to make sure your wiper blades are working well. While your old wiper blades may work well enough to wipe away light rain, you do not want to get caught in a heavy storm and have your wipers fail to clear away the heavy rain properly. This can lead to hazardous driving conditions and endanger your safety. If your windshield wiper blades are over six months old, it’s best to get them checked and be sure you won’t get caught in a dangerous situation.

3. Check tire pressure:

Make sure your car tires are in good condition and ready for the harsh months ahead. Tires usually need replacement when the tread is worn down to below 1.6mm. If you live in a climate where it snows in the winters, the tires will have to be rated ‘all-season.'

4. Check engine:

Engine oil, antifreeze, belts, etc. should be checked to ensure that the engine runs at its maximum efficiency. If you haven’t checked the engine in a while, this is the right time to bring your car in to us to ensure it’s running efficiently.

Consult a Trusted Car Repair Service

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