• Replacing Air Filters

    Pollen – Your Car’s Springtime Enemy We all fear that time of spring when everything turns yellow in color and everyone we know seems to come down...

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  • auto repair virginia beach

    Virginia Beach Auto Shop

    Auto Shop in Virginia Beach: Davis Car Care & Tire Center Summertime is the season for barbecues, swimming pools, and beaches. It is also the...

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  • Top Signs You Need Engine Repair

    Vehicles are extremely complicated machines, and any number of parts can malfunction. In a society that relies so heavily on their vehicles for work...

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  • Choosing the Right Brake Pads

    Auto Repair Shop in Virginia Beach | Davis Car Care So you’ve found out that your brake pads are wearing out, and it’s time for a replacement. But...

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  • Gas Saving Tips for your Vehicle

    Car Tips & Tricks | Davis Car Care While we do not have much control over the prices at the pump, we do have some control over efforts to save as...

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  • Honest Auto Repair Shop

    Car Repair Experts in Virginia Beach | Davis Car Care How to Get Honest Auto Repairs When you take your car in to the auto shop for servicing, you...

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  • 24 Hour Towing

    Reliable Towing Services – Davis Car Care Towing, or using one vehicle to move a disable second vehicle, is a common and useful service. It’s also...

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  • Timing Belt Replacement

    Professional Auto Repair – Davis Car Care Is it time for timing belt to be replaced?  If you have over 60K on your vehicle it may be time.  Here is...

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  • Seasonal Tire Pressure Changes

    Having the correct tire pressure is an important part of regular maintenance of your car, and it’s also a necessity for being a good driver. The...

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We strive to give our Virginia Beach customers the best experience possible. That's why with every visit to Davis we check your air pressure, reset your maintenance light, top off your washer fluid, vacuum the front of the vehicle, and place a bag of candy in your car to sweeten the ride home.