Don’t DIY: 5 Reasons You Should Hire an ASE Technician for Car Repairs

car on lift in repair shop

Car Repair: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY

Fixing a car may have once been an easy job, prompting the popularity of self-made mechanics across the country. But today, given the complexity of modern cars, repairing a car is anything but easy. Here is why we think car repair is best left to experts:

• A small detail could have immense consequences:

Certain things may seem trivial to an untrained eye. But, to the expert, this may pose a significant safety issue. Unlike DIY enthusiasts, trained mechanics know that a small detail can make a huge difference.

• Trained technicians have access to the latest electronic diagnostic equipment:

Even with the hundreds of dollars-worth of tools, you may not be a match to an expert mechanic who not only has the latest diagnostic equipment but is also required to update his or her knowledge through exclusive repair manuals and online repair databases available only to qualified technicians. It is simply impossible for a DIY expert to keep pace with the changes in the automotive technology.

• You will need an ASE technician to fix ECU problems:

Automotive computer problems like air/fuel ratios, shift points, and red line limiters are best left to professional ASE certified technicians unless you don’t mind paying hundreds of dollars to fix issues that result from a botched up DIY project.

• The problem may not be as obvious as it seems:

A locked up AC compressor may seem simple and straightforward. But, if the compressor piston blows up, you may have shavings in the system and may require a full replacement which is very expensive.

• Car repair is now more complex than ever:

Car repairs are no longer about straightening metals and swapping worn parts. Modern cars are made from more than twenty different types of metals of various strengths and gauges. They’re now fitted with ultrasonic sensors and radars designed to ensure optimal safety.

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