How to Replace and Install a Car Battery

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How to Replace a Car Battery: Step by Step Guide 

Car batteries don’t last forever. Slow engine cranks, low battery fluid levels, battery leaks, swollen battery etc. are some the main warning signs that your battery is about to die.  Replacing a car battery can be done with the right amount of preparation and physical strength. Here’s how you can change your car battery:

1. You will need:

  • safety glasses
  • gloves
  • sockets
  • ratchet with extension
  • boiling water

2. Park your car on a flat surface free from traffic and electrical devices that cause fire. Turn your parking brake on and switch off the engine.

3. Before disconnecting the battery, check for radio or navigation codes needed when installing the new battery. You can find it in the owner’s manual or get it from your dealers.

4. Locate your battery. The battery is usually fitted in the engine bay at the motor vehicle front. It is a small black box with cables sticking out from the top and supplying direct electrical current.

5. Check for battery’s age. The average life of a car battery can extend from three to five years. You can test the shipping date of the car battery to estimate the age and condition.

6. Before removing the bracket, make use of safety glasses and gloves to protect your hands and eyes from any sulfate buildup. Remove the bracket safely with the correct sized socket.

7. Once the bracket is opened, carefully remove the battery. Clean the battery terminals with the help of boiling water poured over to remove corrosion. You can now test the old battery by finding a reliable car battery replacement service around your region.

8. The battery tray could be corroded because of prolonged use. Clean the tray with the help of cleaning solution or baking soda.

9. Install the new battery into the battery hold down tray with the help of a socket and ratchet. Ensure that the battery is properly clamped to the holder.

10. Spray both the positive and negative terminals of the new battery with an anti-corrosion solution.

11. Place the positive terminal on the battery post to avoid corrosion. Similarly, place the negative terminal the same way to protect it from rusting. You can replace them to prevent electrical problems.

12. Make sure all the connections are tightened. Move it back and forth to check stability. The car battery should be clamped in such a way that it should not move.

13. Turn in your key, but do not start the vehicle. Wait for 60 seconds to start your engine. If the engine is set properly, then your car will start without any problem. 

Old batteries should be recycled without any fail. In the U.S. a core fee is collected when purchasing a new car battery. It is returned back, once the old ones are replaced for recycling.

Replacing car batteries isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re not a DIY enthusiast, or have no experience in car repair, call us! 


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