When Kyle Davis opened his first shop in 2009, the staff consisted of him and one other person. He was a new dad, launching a new business in the midst of an economic recession. He didn’t have a plan b, and he didn’t have a large bank account to fall back on. What he did have was determination, drive, and guts. He knew he wanted to offer friends and neighbors an auto shop they could trust.

On November 14, 2009, Davis Car Care and Tire Center held its grand opening. The day was met with an outpouring of support from the Davis’ church, and the blessings of its leadership have been a constant reminder for Kyle to stay true to his roots.

Davis Car Care and Tire Center has grown from a small startup to a full-service auto shop with multiple locations throughout Virginia Beach. With a reputation for providing fair, unbiased service to every customer, Davis Car Care has remained a leader in the community.


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We strive to give our Virginia Beach customers the best experience possible. That's why with every visit to Davis we check your air pressure, reset your maintenance light, top off your washer fluid, vacuum the front of the vehicle, and place a bag of candy in your car to sweeten the ride home.