Belts and Hoses

Every car has a water pump, a power-steering pump and various accessories , all of which are powered by rubber drive belts. Belts and hoses have the shortest lifespan. These components often crack, leak, or fray due to their constant exposure to heat, vibration, and other harmful chemicals. If not replaced and maintained, it could spell disaster for your vehicle. A leaking hose or a cracked belt will cause you more trouble than an overdue oil change ever will

If your car has individual belts and one of them breaks, then you’ll lose the function of whatever part that belt was powering, such as the alternator, power-steering pump or water pump. If the serpentine belt breaks, all of these parts will stop functioning. Engine damage may result from overheating. Our ASE certified technician will search for clear indications of cracking, softening or frayed belts.

Drive Belts:  Drive belts transfer mechanical power between the engine and several other components through different gears and pulleys. These gears and pulleys have different sizes so that the power they would generate will be enough to run the components they are connected to.  Some of these components include the following:

  • Water pump
  • Alternator
  • Air conditioning compressor
  • Radiator cooling fan
  • Power steering pump

Some vehicles require a single serpentine belt to power these accessories

Hoses are made of flexible rubber compounds to absorb vibrations between the engine and radiator, or, in the case of heater hoses, the engine and body’s firewall. Designed to hold coolant under high pressure, hoses are also subjected to fluctuating extremes of heat and cold, dirt, oils and sludge. The following are types of hoses you should have checked at regular intervals.

  • Fuel hose that sends gasoline from the gas tank to the engine
  • Radiator hose which delivers coolant to engine
  • Power steering hose that connects power steering pump to steering equipment
  • Heater hose which provides coolant to heater core


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