Signs Of Brake Wear

As you apply your brakes repeatedly over thousands of miles, the brake pads gradually wear down, reducing their ability to stop the car. Typically, brake pads should be changed every 50,000 miles. Pay close attention to the way your vehicle reacts to braking, and contact Davis Car Care at the first sign of trouble.


Squealing or grinding noise when coming to a stop or backing up.

Squealing or grinding noises may indicate that your brakes need to be adjusted or that your brake pads are worn.

The steering wheel, brake pedal, or entire vehicle begins to shake when you hit the brakes.

If applying the brakes causes your vehicle to shake, your brake rotors may be warped.

The brakes are hard to press down or feel soft or spongy.

This usually means that air has gotten into your brake lines or you may have low brake fluid.

While braking, your car pulls to one side.

If braking makes your car pull to one side, it could be an indication that - it's typically one of three things:

  1. your brakes are worn out and need replacement
  2. there is brake fluid leakage, or
  3. your brakes need an adjustment

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