I took my car here for timing belt replacement. They did excellent job although I had problem with oil pressure light after that. They found out the problem in the oil line and clarified that was their mistake. I very appreciate their honesty because other stores would have blamed me back. They fixed the problem and everything works great now. They even gave me a gift to sorry for my inconvenience. This store is very trustful and professional. Highly recommended!!!


Best car shop I've ever been to. Car had bad wheel bearings. Had someone else "fix" it. That mechanic screwed the car up even more. Called Davis Car Care and my two small children and I drove over there. The car was in worse condition than thought due to previous mechanic's terrible job. Davis Car Care explained to me everything that was wrong and showed me everything. Seeing that the situation was worse than expected, I was stuck with no car and two small kids. Davis Car Care actually got one of the mechanics to take me and my children home since it was going to take a while. How many auto shops out there would actually go out of their way and take a family home? Not only that, the prices they charged were extremely reasonable. When I came to pick my car up, it was 100% fixed. Everybody there are extremely friendly. Most places just try to rush with everything and get you out the door. Not here. They take their time and make you feel like you're a person, not a wallet. Their waiting room is very comfortable and has a play area for the children and snacks and drinks available for everybody instead of a vending machine which was totally awesome. If you want great customer service and quality work, this is the place to go. Wish I had found them sooner. Thanks Davis Car Care for everything and helping my family.


This is not your typical automotive repair facility. They always provide the best service at a fair price. Friendly, knowledgeable and patient with impatient customers (like me). After I got my SUV back from them I decided to take the invoice and price out the parts and labor at a dealership and well known vehicle repair place, as my daddy used to say,"Trust but verify." After presenting it to both places (total cost on original invoice excluded) I found out how much I saved. I of course was thinking to myself that in a month or two my car would break down again and my check engine light would come back on as it had the last couple of times I had it serviced at a different place. I am glad to say that it has been six or so months and not a single problem. These guys are the real deal, so much so that when my brother bought his new/used car we took it to them for a once over as well as his girlfriends older model new/used car. all three of us are happy and grateful to the folks at Davis Car Care. Alright, here is my complaint, your too darn far, Open a shop closer to me! Thanks guys, I will see you when it's time for servicing. Merry Christmas, Efrain


Great, fast, and friendly service. I felt comfortable with the owner and staff with the decision making for my 2005 Honda minivan. I will be a customer for life. Got several quotes from other shops and this one beet them all by far. Plus the service is MUCH BETTER.

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