Six Mistakes That Affect Your Car’s Performance

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Six Mistakes That Affect Your Car’s Performance

Owning a car isn’t a luxury any more. It is a necessity, especially if you happen to live far away from your workplace. Maintaining your car is important for its optimal performance. Here’s a list of six mistakes that most people make:

1. Neglecting The "Check Engine" Light:

The Check Engine light blinks when something is wrong with the car’s engine system. Ignoring the warning sign can cause engine misfire leading to severe damage and expensive repairs. This in turns affects fuel economy.

2. Not Changing the Fluids and Filters:

Oil, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, etc. help to ensure optimal performance and to protect components. Checking and replacing both the fluids and filters on a regular basis, can limit the risks of performance breakdown. It also extends engine life, protects the cooling system, and prevents damage to the transmission and brakes. Remember to pay attention to filters and fluids.      

3. Not Checking Your Tires:

Your vehicle's tires ought to be often checked for swelling and tire tread depth. Properly inflated tires with the right amount of pressure can help the tires to wear out evenly. It contributes to maintaining the tires in good shape. It can, in turn, improve tire life and fuel economy. An incorrectly inflated tire causes the tires to wear unevenly leading to poor performance and bad gas mileage.

4. Not Servicing Your Vehicle:

Your car should be periodically serviced as many auto parts wear out over time. Regular maintenance guarantees performance capabilities and helps to extend the life of your vehicle. Keep a monthly maintenance schedule in your car, so that you can note down the type of service that needs to be done for the next checkup.

5. Driving A Dirty Car:

A proud owner always prefers to keep his car in good condition. Washing your car is very important to get rid of dust and other particles. Cleaning also ensures proper visibility for safe driving. The purpose of regular washing is to keep it in good condition by maintaining its appearance and securing its resale value.

6. Rash Driving:

Fleetmatics, a global speed tracking company lists harsh braking, harsh acceleration, speeding above 80 mph and hard turns as the primary cause for most accidents.

Consult a Trusted Car Repair Service

Consulting a trusted car repair service like Davis Car Care will help you recognize any issues early on and manage them before it is too late. 


We strive to give our Virginia Beach customers the best experience possible. That's why with every visit to Davis we check your air pressure, reset your maintenance light, top off your washer fluid, vacuum the front of the vehicle, and place a bag of candy in your car to sweeten the ride home.