I always get good service when I bring my car in. Your staff is very courteous and professional. I am completely satisfied with your work and I would and have recommended you to any of my friends and family.


This is not your typical automotive repair facility. They always provide the best service at a fair price. Friendly, knowledgeable and patient with impatient customers (me). After I got my SUV back from them I decided to take the invoice and price out the parts and labor at a dealership and well known vehicle repair place, as my daddy used to say,"Trust but verify." After presenting it to both places (total cost on original invoice excluded) I found out how much I saved. I of course was thinking to myself that in a month or two my car would break down again and my check engine light would come back on as it had the last couple of times I had it serviced at a different place. I am glad to say that it has been six or so months and not a single problem. These guys are the real deal, so much so that when my brother bought his new/used car we took it to them for a once over as well as his girlfriends older model new/used car. all three of us are happy and grateful to the folks at Davis Car Care.


I called the same day to inquire about having my window repaired. I received excellent service from the beginning. I was advised about the cost to complete the repairs up front and my car repairs were completed the same day. Thank you.


You've been "straight-up" in your dealings with me, consistently got the job done right, and always managed to make sure I knew you appreciated the business. These days many businesses make me feel like they're doing me a favor while they're putting my hard-earned cash in their register. You always manage to show your appreciation for my business and treat me like a customer (with choices as to where I spend my money). Keep this up...because between the quality workmanship and true customer focus, you're a cut above your competition....and I appreciate this.


Davis has been very good about repairing our vehicles quickly and at reasonable prices. We know Davis will be fair and trustworthy, and we have recommended them to many people.


Davis has become my only trusted garage in the area. I can count on them to be clear and honest in my dealings with them.


Excellent customer service! I will be a loyal customer from now on. No more dealerships! They have already saved me some cash!!


Davis Car Care continues to be the only place I'll take my (4) family members cars for servicing. Customer service and pricing that are second to none!


I love this place. As a woman, I always expect to get ripped off at a mechanic and was pleasantly surprised that it was not the case here. I will be back! Thanks for great service.


Always treated so kindly by friendly & helpful staff! Make me feel at ease and costs for services seem very realistic. I feel safe having my car serviced with Davis.




We strive to give our Virginia Beach customers the best experience possible. That's why with every visit to Davis we check your air pressure, reset your maintenance light, top off your washer fluid, vacuum the front of the vehicle, and place a bag of candy in your car to sweeten the ride home.